Bill Wolak

Bill Wolak has published three collections of poetry, Pale as an Explosion, Love Emergencies (with Mahmood Karimi-Hakak), and Archaeology of Light, as well as collections of haiku (Feral Press). His work focuses on eroticism and Surrealism.  He has translated Joyce Mansour, Stuart Merrill, and Francis Viele-Griffin. With Mahmood Karimi-Hakak) he has translated Your Lover’s Beloved: 51 Ghazals of Hafez (Cross-Cultural Communications,2009). With his wife, Maria Bennett, he has published, My Voice Seeks You: The Selected Poems of Annelisa Addolorato (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2013). Wolak has been awarded several National Endowment for the Humanities scholarships and two Fulbright-Hays scholarships to study and travel in India. His travels have also taken him to Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and China. Most recently he has been a an invited reader at major poetry festivals in Italy, Romania, and China.He lives in Bogota, New Jersey and is is an adjunct professor of creative writing  William Paterson University.

Warming the Mirror, (Fall 2012), 8” x 7 ¾” 10 poems with cover and 10 collages by John Digby. $8.00

When Dreaming Birds Sing (2012),  6” x 6” 14 haiku with cover and 14 collages by John Digby. $8.00

“Round Poem” 10 ½” round broadside with abstract circle collages by John Digby. $8.00

The Strength of the Spider’s Web Decides (Fall 2012), 5 ½” x 6” 27 haiku with cover and 26 collages by John Digby. $8.00 Hardbound $15.00

Perfume in a Sandstorm (Winter 2013), 7 ½” x 7”  44 haiku with cover and 28 camel collages, 3 bird collages  by John Digby and diverse additional illustrations. $10.00 as a benefit for the Wild Camel Protection Foundation.  $15.00  For further information about this animal organization go to

Art of Invisibility (Summer 2013), 7″ x 7″ poems with cover and collages by John Digby. $12.00 Hardbound $25.00

The Statue of Lightning, 7” x 8 ½,” 10 poems with cover and 11 collages by John Digby. 2013. $12.00 Hardbound $25.00

Singing Their Lovers Naked. (2014) 7” x 7” 15 poems with illustrations. $10.00. Hardbound $20.00

Confusing the Gods (2015).   7” x 7” 15 poems with collage illustrations by John Digby. $10.00. Hardbound $20.00

  Snowflakes Blown Through a Keyhole (2015) 7” x 7” 15 poems copiously illustrated with collages by John Digby. $10.00 Hardbound $25.00

Deep into the Erasures of Night (2015). 10 poems translated into Romanian by Olimpia Iacob.

In the Silence Between Love Songs (2016). 7” x 7”  15 poems translated into German by Sylvia Kofler. co-edition with Cross-Cultural Communications. $15.00 paperback. $25.00 hardbound.

Rain That Makes Ashes Dance.  (2017) 12 poems with cover and 12 illustrations by Dan Cioca. 7″ x 8 1/2″ $15.00 hardbound $25.00


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